Who We Are

The GatorWell LLC is a partnership between GatorWell Health Promotion Services and the Department of Housing and Education designed to educate students on health and wellness services and resources to enhance their own personal health and well-being. Students will learn about health and wellness related campus resources, learn to develop healthy lifestyle practices, and engage in activities that encourage balance and personal growth.
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    The GatorWell LLCs are designed to educate students on health and wellness. Students have access to resources that teach skills around numerous health topics including time management, stress management, sleep sexual health, alcohol, and more.

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    Course Offering

    • Choices in Wellness (EDF 3935) – This one credit course is designed to help students make informed decisions about their health Topics including: strategies, healthy habits, and getting involved on campus.

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    Campus Partner

    The GatorWell LLC has two locations at Springs Complex and Jennings Hall and is a partnership between GatorWell Health Promotion Services and the Department of Housing and Residence Education.

Learning Outcomes

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    Describe health-related behaviors you can change as a result of attending a GatorWell program.

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    Identify at least five unique resources for personal heatlh and wellness available to residents and students.

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    Recognize services provided to residents and students through GatorWell Health Promotion Services.

Community Highlights

– Time Management Workshop
– HP Alcohol Awareness
– Stress Less Room Opening
– Harry Potter Jeopardy
– S’Mores and Sexual Health
– Love Shouldn’t Hurt
– Doodle Your Stress Away

Why Join?

Overall, students have an opportunity to enhance their academic success by focusing on their health and wellness through high-quality programs and services. The primary purposes of these communities is to give students an opportunity to expand the learning experience by building health and wellness into their living community and set the foundation for a healthy way of life.
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Tanner Beachy
GatorWell Jennings LLC RA
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Jessica Rhoad
GatorWell Springs LLC RA