Honors Residential College

Who We Are

The Living Learning Community at the Honors Residential College at Hume Hall is a hub for high-achieving students to attain an uncommon residential experience. Rooted in the Honors Program values of fostering community and opportunity, this LLC goes deeper by promoting resident involvement across campus and beyond through activities, student organizations, academic advantages and more.

  • Engagement

    Comprised of like-minded individuals engaging in academic and personal development at the highest level, the Honors LLC fosters connection and growth with special attention to our students’ unique housing needs.

  • Course Offerings

Hume Residents have the unique opportunity to participate in a House model and earn points towards winning the ‘House Cup’! In collaboration with Housing and The Honors Program, the House Cup contest is a traditional experience where students participate in a variety of events organized by House Leadership. The fall 2020 competition will be comprised of four houses and there are multiple ways to earn points for your house! Residents will be able to enjoy hybrid opportunities to earn points for their house by  participating in events tailored to support academic success and community development. Students can track their event attendance and house point standings via an internal tracking system.

Resident Perspective

“What Hume Hall means to me: the relationships I have been able to develop and grow, and the experiences that have accompanied it … It is countless inside jokes and laughter, and the warmth of knowing you have made friends that will last through your college years and perhaps even throughout your life.”

– adapted from Hannah Calderazzo’s 2018 Essay “What Hume Hall Means to Me”

Learning Goals

  • Experience

    Deepen your breadth of academic and interpersonal experience by taking Honors courses right in Hume Hall. Connect with faculty and staff who serve as mentors and resources.

  • Community

    Engage with like-minded peers who become lifelong friends and supporters. Build a network through residence hall activities, roommates, and student Honors organizations.

  • Opportunity

    Learn what your resources are and immerse yourself in them at the deepest level.

Hume Hall Resources

  • Embedded Career Connections

    Tailored career exploration and development, with exclusive access to employers.

  • Student Honors Organization

    This group holds regular meetings, events, and leadership opportunities on site.

  • Your own backyard

    Hume has fields for lounging, activities and sports. Gather friends for a game or grill right outside.

Brandi Caughorn
Honors LLC RA
Derek Shavell
Honors LLC RA

Graham Area Amenities

  • Graham Rec Room

    Graham Recreation Room: equipped with a ping-pong table and pool table. Equipment can be checked out for free at the Area Desk.

  • Graham Gallery

    Graham Gallery and the Rec Room allow for group and individual study. Check the space reservation calendars for availability.

  • Graham Pod Market

    The convenient store style market and full kitchen offer a variety of grab and go and freshly-made food options.

Why Join?

A trademark benefit of the Honors Program is how it fosters a small, interconnected community in a university of tens of thousands. It is a close network of creative scholars with diverse interests who form valuable, lifelong friendships and professional connections – and for many, these begin in Hume. This LLC, designed for the unique needs of Honors residents, forges bonds between members, education and experience.

Students are invited by the Honors Program based on their University of Florida Admissions application. Visit http://www.honors.ufl.edu for more information.