International House

Who We Are

The International House at Weaver Hall is a multicultural learning community in a residential setting, which houses up to 70 international students from UF exchange programs around the world. International exchange students are paired with American roommates to share cultural experiences and practice language skills.

  • Multiculturalism

    Provide a high quality residential program intended to enhance the interactions and multicultural experiences of international and US students.

  • Interact

      Create an environment that invites opportunities for informal interactions between residents, staff, and faculty in the aim of assisting international students in their transition to our University community, Gainesville, and the US culture.

  • Diversity

    Promote an understanding of various cultural values, difference, and similarities in diverse societies. As well as promoting intercultural awareness to the greater campus community.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe cultural aspects of cultures represented in our community.
  • Explain how your view on diversity has changed living at International House at Weaver Hall.
  • Discuss relationships and interactions you experienced with community members of a different cultural background.
  • As a student from the United States, how did living at International House at Weaver Hall influence your interest in studying abroad?
  • As an exchange student, how did living at International House and participating in on campus or community activities shape what you learned about American culture?

Why Join?

The International house Living Learning Community prepares students to be inclusive and knowledgeable leaders at the university and in the greater community. The global scholar understands the complexities, interconnectedness, and multicultural nature of today’s global community and economy.
Hannah Townley
International House LLC RA