Returning Gators

Who We Are

The Returning Gators Community is nestled in the historic UF Community and is designed to address the specific needs and interests of second-year students at the University of Florida. This community highlights the enhanced development of Life Skills, for students to become well-rounded upperclassmen prepared for holistic, academic, and professional success. Additionally, this Community also fosters targeted support and resources for Returning Out of Gator Students and Returning Engineering Students and career readiness.

  • Engagement

    Residents are empowered to engage and develop their identities and Soft Skills through specialized academic, life skills, and career networking.

  • Koru

    Koru mindfulness is a 4 week mindfulness program for UF Students. Originally created at Duke University, the course is designed with college students in mind. Class is one time a week for 75 minutes and each week new mindfulness techniques are introduced. Outside of class, students are encouraged to practice mindfulness for at least 10 minutes a day. Some participants have found that they are less stressed, get better sleep and are able to focus more with the strategies from the course. Koru is offered on a semsterly basis.

  • Campus Partner

    Our partnership with GatorWell Supports students holistic development and support of their wellness through exclustive oportunities which align with the SAMHSA 8 Dimensions of Wellness.

Specialized Engagement

“The Returning Gators Community supports Out of State and Engineering students with exclusive opportunities to connect to the Gainesville Community through partnership of the Office of Off Campus Life. Students can also participate in tailored career networking, and life skills development through collaboration with the The College of Engineering Advising Office.

Community Goals

  • IDENTIFY and Explain

    Explain at least 3 differences between healthy and unhealthy friendships/relationships.

  • Engage

    Engage in at least 2 social activities with people in the hall/area each semester.

  • DESCRIBE AND Illustrate

    Illustrate at least 2 daily behaviors they use for each of the following: safe food preparation, effective money management, and personal wellness.

Community Highlights

  • Event Description

    Returning Gators Community Participating in: Paint your own Identity

  • Image of painted flags

    Event Description 

    Student work from event

  • Painted hand with red, green, blue, and yellow outlines

    Event Description 

    Student work from event

  • Green parrot in sunset/water reflection
    Event Description

    Student work from event

Go Gators!

Murphree Area Amenites

  • Murphree Commons

    The Area Commons is centrally located in the area and is home to the Desk, Laundry, Study Spaces, Staff Offices, and Meeting Rooms.

  • Murphree Courtyard

    The Courtyard is a beautiful outdoor space and regularly used to travel through the area and to class. It is also home for outdoor gatherings furnished with picnic tables and a grill.

  • Gator Dining Raquete Court

    This campus eatery is located adjacent to the Murphree Area.

  • Quick Access to Shops and Restaurants

    The Murphree Area is located walking distance to off-campus restaurants, and grocery store.

Why Join?

Rich in community and co-located campus landmarks and resources as well as MidTown strip. This community and the area support holistic growth and emphasizes …….
Maya Kelly
Returning Gators LLC RA