Who We Are

The ROTC Living Learning Community at Tolbert Hall is a collaborative effort between the Department of Housing and Residence Life and the Department of Military Science. It is designed for any students interested in the Army, Navy/Marine, or Air Force ROTC. The ROTC LLC provides on-site academic advising, a meeting room in the residence hall, study groups, and tutoring/mentoring by upper class ROTC cadets/midshipmen. The LLC is open to all ROTC members, regardless of scholarship status.

  • Service

    Develop a joint mindset that values the unique cultures of each military service by providing more opportunities to dialogue, observe, and learn from each other.

  • Maritime Skills Simulator Classroom

    • Maritime Skills Simulator Classroom used for classes including Navigation I (NSC 3214C) & Naval Operations & Seamanship (NSC 3215C).

  • Mentorship

    Residents of the Tolbert ROTC LLC community will have access to mentors in the ROTC community and ROTC-related resources on campus.

  • Close proximity

    Tolbert Hall is located directly across the street from Van Fleet, UF’s ROTC.

Why Join?

The goal of the Reserve Officer Training Corps is to commission world-class military officers educated at a premier research university. The Living Learning Community provides cadets and midshipmen with the opportunity to learn more about each other and each service through routine social contact in a non-classroom atmosphere.

GySgt Patrick Taylor
ROTC Officer In Residence