UF Promise

Who We Are

The Promise Living Learning Community supports PROMISE scholars beginning their academic career during the summer B term. This LLC provides an extra layer of support in areas of individual growth, academic achievement, and exploring college life. Participants will engage in new learning opportunities, and collaborative activities!
  • Engagement

    Housing and Residence Life staff organize exclusive opportunities for PROMISE residents to connect and thrive within the Living Learning Community. Examples include the annual BBQ kick-off event, study nights, campus scavenger hunts, career fair, Gainesville buiness fairs, and coffee talks with Academic Support staff!

  • Campus Partner

    Our partnership with The Office of Academic Support at UF facilitates various study sessions and opportunities for PROMISE students to connect and thrive in an academic setting here at UF.

How to Join

Students are selected as PROMISE program participants through the University of Florida Office of Admissions. Once admitted via the PROMISE Program, these scholars are required to attend Summer B semester and to live in the selected residence hall designated for the Summer B PROMISE LLC.

Once selected for the PROMISE Program, students must apply for Summer B Housing and then sign their contract and pay associated fees through the Housing Management System (HMS) Portal.
The contracting process may change slightly each admissions/contracting cycle, and the most up-to-date information can be found at http://www.housing.ufl.edu/undergrad/apply/howto/.

Learning Outcomes


    Identify campus and community resources that support the experiences of PROMISE Students at UF.

  • Engage

    Engage with UF Faculty, Staff, and Student Leaders who support the curricular and co-curricular transitions to and during college.


    Throughout the on-campus experience, students will become familiar with various campus departments that support a comprehensively excellent student experience. Students should be able to match the service and the department, as well as feel comfortable referring their peers.

Community Highlights


    Broward Area Amenities

    • Broward Rec Room

      The Broward Recreation Room: equipped with a ping-pong table and pool table. Equipment can be checked out for free at the Area Desk.

    • Gathering Spaces

      The Broward Library (first floor) and basement (ground level) are suited with furniature to accomodate, large, small, and individual study and social engagements. Check the space reservation calendars for availability.

    • Eateries near by

      Broward Hall is co-located to several campus eateries. The Fresh Food Company by Gator Dining, a Chick-a-fila, and a POD convenient store market are all just steps away from your Broward Residence Hall and offer a variety of grab and go and freshly-made dine-in food options

    Why Join?

    The Promise Living Learning Community supports the early transition and preparations to the University of Florida.  This community fosters community, connections to campus departments, academic success, and promotes student development and engagement within the University setting. 
    Living Learning Community Resident Assistant (RA)