Residential Experience and Learning Model

The History and Purpose

After a thorough review of our practices relating to student learning and engagement, we developed our Residential Experience and Learning Model (REaLM), a curricular approach to student development. With the support of our content area experts across campus, referred to as the REaLM Advisory Board, we have launched our curriculum in the Fall of 2018.

Our Learning Priority is for students to live, learn, and lead in the residence halls in alignment with the university mission and our Florida Five educational goals. The intention is to provide a signature experience that supplements student learning, which will further enable students to positively impact their communities, the Gator Nation, and the world.

While the spirit of our model for our gators’ residential experience and learning is the same, delivery will look different this Fall! Engagement opportunities in the halls will be thoughtfully delivered with physical distancing or virtually. Nothing is more important to us than the safety and health of our gators!


Our Partners

Our partners are instrumental in championing student engagement and achievement. The Advisory Board strategically supports our Florida Five Learning Objectives and the vision of Student Success at the university level.

GySgt Patrick Taylor
GySgt Patrick Taylor
Jen Kennymore
Jen Kennymore
Dr. Stephani Jahn
Dr. Stephani Jahn

Florida Five Learning Themes


Connecting with one another and finding a sense of belonging are paramount for this theme. We strive to provide residents with exciting and innovated ways to Connect, Learn, and Grow during their time as a Resident. By partnering with the InterResidence Hall Association (IRHA) for their annual Residence Hall Week we are able to provide multiple engagement opportunities for students to connect to each other and to connect to campus.
Academic Achievement and goals vary per semester and by individual. We advocate for each student to identify their own unique needs in order to excel academically. Engagement opportunities aim to strengthen the relationship between students, their needs, and to become familiar with campus resources that can aid in academic support. Examples include: Study skills, Academic Integrity, Time Management, developing and maintaining Healthy Habits, Stress Management, and peer work-groups.
Connecting to a student organization that parallels to your interest or academic discipline has proven to support creativity and propel confidence through collaboration.
We’ll help you find the right fit and encourage you to get involved in an organization to:

  • sharpen your leadership skills
  • to challenge yourself and explore new skills
  • explore opportunities to lead and support the growth and advancement of the org mission and development both intrinsically and extrinsically.

Kick-start your leadership experience by joining your Area Government and assist in creating a memorable student experience through event development and advocacy.

Exploring the world around you and engaging in civil and productive dialogue where differing perspectives are respectfully acknowledged is instrumental for growth and understanding of all perspectives. Our goals for this theme are to increase exposure to global news and for students to be able to articulate their own identities.
Incorporating components of wellness into our daily lives (active living, nutrition, mindfulness, time management, financial wellness, and proper sleep habits) enables us to achieve higher levels of satisfaction and resiliency during periods of stress. We work closely with GatorWell Health Promotion Services  and others to help students:

  • evaluate appropriate resources regarding their sexual health and consent.
  • achieve an understanding of the impacts of alcohol/drugs.
  • identify needs to maintain a healthy physical and mentally well-state.
  • incorporate two wellness foundations into a routine that works for them.